It's my personal soapbox, a place for me to express thoughts and feelings, musings and rants, reflections and recollections; to have fun with words -- about things spiritual, environmental, social, political, economic, and, from time to time, personal. And of course about peace. Soapboxes are in public places (as London's legendary Hyde Park) on purpose, and so I invite conversations with you, for it is through civil discourse that we can gain some perspective on the seeming chaos of these changing times and learn together how to shape a positive future for ourselves, our communities, and the generations to come.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Jesus, Christianity, Mysticism, and SBNR

There was no such thing as Christianity in Jesus’ time. He was not only a Jew but, even more importantly, a mystic Jew, a Kabbalist. He and Mary Magdalene together represented the Kabbalistic “Sacred Marriage”. After his death, the disciples went on to found Christianity, filtering Jesus’ teachings through their own earthly predispositions and worldviews, and redacting the gospels to fit into those worldviews, often motivated by institutional political agendas. 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Separating Children from Parents: There Are No Words

There are no words strong enough to express what I'm feeling about it. Repugnant. Abhorrent. Immoral. Shameful. Disgusting. Sinful. Heartless. Inhumane. Inhuman, even. All are apt. None is strong enough to express what I'm feeling about the policy of the  U.S. government to tear little children away from their parents.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Russian Meddling - Did They or Didn't They?

Yesterday, I posted on this topic to my Facebook page. (A slightly edited version of that post is reproduced at the end of this blogpost.) Shortly after that posting, the news came out about Special Prosecutor RobertMueller’s grand jury indictment of 12 Russian agents for hacking into Clinton campaign and DNC email accounts.

Now, I hold Robert Mueller in high regard and consider him to be an eminently, almost religiously, fair and honest truth seeker. Nevertheless, no matter where this legal process ends up, the underlying message I was trying to convey in my Facebook post still stands.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough

And so here we go once again, almost a weekly ritual of so-called leaders (and all of us) offering thoughts and prayers for bereaved families. When are we going to take some action to avoid future such bereaved families? And by action, I'm not just talking the usual litany regarding controlling the prevalence of guns in our society. Nor am I talking about giving more attention to mental health issues. Yes, both of those are absolutely necessary and long overdue. But even that wouldn't be getting at the root causes of such mass shootings.

Friday, December 22, 2017

The President does NOT speak for the United States

I want the world to know, and I hope others join me in this, that Mr. Trump and his administration do not speak for me, nor even, in my opinion, the United States of America. 

When it is said the "the United States" voted against the UN resolution condemning the United States for its decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, or "the United States" has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accords, or “the United States” has isolated itself from and lost credibility in the world, it would be more accurate to say "the Trump Administration" has done those things. The majority of Americans, and even of those who voted in the last election, did not vote for him. Even more important, his actions, especially the bullying and extortion tactics, are not congruent with American values or ethos. They are not who we are as a people. So what he says and does, do not represent the United States of America.

I call upon the rest of the world to bear with us while we transit this dark night and can emerge once again into the light.

Love will prevail!