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Thursday, July 4, 2019

A Call for National Healing

The United States of America is bereft. Bereft of our humanity. Bereft of a sense of community. Bereft of a motivating meaning and purpose. Bereft of our very soul.
In a post to The Green Pen in February 2018 following a mass school shooting, I noted that such incidents of violence are but symptoms, along with drug and other addictions, teen suicides, domestic violence, and such, of a deeper malady, an unhappiness in a society that was founded on the “pursuit of happiness.” I concluded with:
The root cause lies…somewhere deep within our cultural norms and values, and we will only get at it through some deep national soul-searching and self-reflection. Cultures are supposed to be the mediums for growing things, for nurturing life. Ours clearly is falling short.