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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Campaign 2020: Prescriptions for the Democratic Party

These prescriptions carry with them a dramatically different way of looking at the United States and its people.
·       The times, the succession of plagues we’ve been experiencing (the latest being Covid-19), means we won’t, we can’t, go back to the way things were.
·       The old “normal” is history, and a new normal is aborning. Fresh eyes are critical to helping clarify what that new normal is going to look like and then leading us into it.
·       Like it or not, the old days are gone for good, and it is impossible, even suicidal, to stay in the middle of a road that is veering sharply into the future.
The Democratic Party has within it and available to it the people, ideas, and resources needed to help the nation on its journey along that road never before traveled. Will it heed the call?
Above all, the intention here is to ensure a landslide, up-and-down-ballot victory in November 2020 for the Democrats, for democracy, and, more importantly, for the American people as a whole as we go forward into the 21st century.