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Saturday, September 7, 2019

From Separation to Interbeing: A Cultural Transmutation

The shift of humanity’s mindset or worldview from one of separation to one of interbeing will of necessity involve, accordingly, a transmutation of our whole cultural ethos, that is, our understanding of what’s the morally right way to behave and do things and what’s the morally wrong way to behave and do things.

The paradigm of separation is what has resulted in fear, scarcity, and zero-sum calculus being at the very foundation of the structures and rules of the game of our economic and financial institutions and transactions, of politics and government (as the way we make collective decisions), and of social organizations and relationships. A paradigm of interbeing, on the other hand, implies that love, abundance, and positive-sum calculus must perforce be foundational to a transmutational redesign of our political, economic, and social institutions as the old structures and rules of the game will no longer make any sense.