It's my personal soapbox, a place for me to express thoughts and feelings, musings and rants, reflections and recollections; to have fun with words -- about things spiritual, environmental, social, political, economic, and, from time to time, personal. And of course about peace. Soapboxes are in public places (as London's legendary Hyde Park) on purpose, and so I invite conversations with you, for it is through civil discourse that we can gain some perspective on the seeming chaos of these changing times and learn together how to shape a positive future for ourselves, our communities, and the generations to come.

Civil Discourse

It is through open, civil discourse that we can learn together how to help shape a positive future. The Green Pen, therefore, invites you to join the conversation and welcomes comments on the blog posts.

So, what makes the discourse "civil"? It's probably easier to ask what makes it uncivil. Either way, it's a subjective judgment. So, I will attempt to moderate comments according to the following admittedly and unavoidably subjective guidelines. Please let me know if you see a comment that has slipped through my filters that you feel should not have. Or if you think I've stepped outside the bounds of civility in my own posts!

  1. Stay on-topic for the post you are commenting on, whether your comment is on the post itself or another comment to it. Links are OK if related to the topic and your comment.
  2. Be respectful even of those you disagree with. That is, no slander or personal attacks -- whether overt or subtle, explicit or insinuated.
  3. No foul or obscene language, hate speech, or incitements to hate or violence.
  4. No spam, business advertising, or promotions.