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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Art and Peace

Art has everything to do about peacebuilding as we shift to a culture of peace. We are on the threshold (actually already in the midst) of a major transformation in human consciousness and, consequently, our concepts and systems of how we organize ourselves as a society, everywhere on the planet, is in transition to keep up with that change in consciousness.

And we have nothing to go on as to how to do that – solutions of the past will not work. We are truly in a period of acting from a place of “not knowing”, where traditional, left-brained thinking and analysis will not work, where creativity and imagination arising from the heart and soul are critical; actually, they are about all we have to go on.

Enter art and the artist!


  1. Right. It seems as if our left-brain thinking, which has been most valued for centuries leads to considerable destruction, of not only our world and people in it, but also to our thinking process itself.
    As we learn to value our aesthetic thinking we could, perhaps, begin to teach children in school the importance of nurturing it. Our best thinkers would be those who, as Yeats said, think, not in the mind alone, but in their marrow bones.

  2. I so agree with this blog entry and comment. We're being called to a place of knowing that is 'beyond the rational mind,' often called the higher intution. This is the place from which great artists, including composers, writers and poets (like Yeats), receive insight and inspiration. The fact that more and more people are learning to attune to this higher level of awareness, through meditation and contemplation, is a sign of hope for our future.