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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Every Three Seconds...

…someone on the planet dies of hunger or extreme poverty.

That’s the theme of the documentary film Every Three Seconds that I saw at the Awakened World International Film Festival in Santa Barbara last week. The film chronicles the actions of five ordinary people who have accomplished (are still accomplishing) extraordinary things. The five are an eight-year-old boy, two grandmothers, and two thirty-somethings. None of them set out to do something extraordinary but all saw something in the world that they just could not sit still for, started with one small action, and followed up step by step in an unplanned, organic process that lead to an effort that they would never have dared to undertake if they had seen where it would lead at the beginning.

The point is that not everyone can or needs to do huge earth-shattering projects, but everyone can do something, whether across the world or in our own local communities.

Watch both the short homepage video and the trailer at http://www.everythreeseconds.net/. And the film is available now for download at iTunes and as of November 18 through Netflix.

Truly inspiring and moving.

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