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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Curse and Opportunity of Living in Interesting Times

The year ahead - and maybe longer - is shaping up to be one of surprises, challenges, opportunities, and tumult.

The challenge before us is to stay centered in the eye of whatever storm swirls around us, focused on the larger perspective of the evolutionary transformation we are undergoing, and proactively doing our part, in community, to nurture the consciousness of wholeness that is aborning. And, of course, in spite of all the chaos, breakdown, and attendant heartache, let’s not forget to trust, laugh, dance, sing, and love.

Columnist Robert Koehler, in his recent editorial, very eloquently questions the limits of resistance in these times and asks what it is we should be pledging our allegiances to. Right on! More meaningful and beneficial in the not-so-long term than resisting will be not only pledging allegiance to the world we want to see but actually building it – in our personal comportment toward others and in our communities.

 It’s going to be quite a year!


  1. Many folks are already building it and I think more will come no matter what obstacles.

  2. Let us open Dialog with the "Undesirables"
    They too are us.
    After the DNC arrogently blocked Sanders and Jim Webb and Clintion's "Undiserables" and vote for me I'm a women remarks I saw a shift, people often said they did not want either major candidate but Trump was not "Establishment"
    If we are to get back on a Progressive path we must stop wasting political energy.
    We must "hear" the WHY that Trumps message resonated with so many.
    Hint, the ", Undiserables" are on the whole no more "Racist" than BLM, Etc.
    Guns, are NOT the causes of Violence.
    Hypocrisy Destroys.

  3. Ignorance is the chariot of humanity, fear is the horse. Understand one, release the other and the mystery is solved.