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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Of Business, Law, and Love

Upon occasion I reread some of my past journal entries. The following thoughts are extracted and adapted from the entry for September 29, 1998. I’d totally forgotten about it until seeing it again just now...

While meditating, the concept of lawyers and law kept running through my mind. I was thinking about an idea paper I’d recently written and daydreaming that a prominent thinker, teacher, and philosopher (who shall remain nameless here) was adopting my idea for a new project of his and making money with it. We were in discussions about what if any royalty or recognition I would want for having originated the idea.

I visualized starting to come up with a formula but then deciding to not ask for anything and instead leave it up to him to offer whatever he felt would be honorable and just, a fair reflection of the value he saw in the concept, a loving basis. I imagined consternation, even anger, on his part, insisting that I state what I wanted. I kept saying, no, that I had just put the ideas out there to share with the community and wasn’t asking for anything. It would be entirely up to him to decide what he felt was the right, loving thing to do and then do it.

The thoughts then shifted from what would be the loving thing to do to loving relationship. We wouldn’t need lawyers, lawsuits, litigation, or settlements. In this case, the teacher would just naturally do the loving thing, and I would naturally see it as such; and, by not asking for or demanding anything for the idea, I would also be doing a loving thing, and he would see it that way, too. Both of us would just accept it as the normal way. Our relationship – the business transaction – would be loving.

How could there be no need for lawyers? Because in this loving world, this culture of peace, there would be the rule of love in place of the rule of law. No need for lawyers. What would lawyers do in such a world? Well, there would still be a need for such people to act as conflict resolvers, mediators, arbitrators. Also, I suppose there would at some level be laws to interpret and apply. But the law would not rule, would not be supreme. Love would rule. Love would be supreme. And instead of lawyers we’d have...lovers??

The time went fast, the meditation far beyond its usual 20 minutes, and I had to get up and ready for work.


  1. Another "Michael" we know said at the turn of the century that the last century was about "Debt"...you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. But that in this new century, we are supposed to start learning that if we make choices based on what's best for us, then it will naturally not hurt others, since what's best for us is to not hurt others.

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