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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Separating Children from Parents: There Are No Words

There are no words strong enough to express what I'm feeling about it. Repugnant. Abhorrent. Immoral. Shameful. Disgusting. Sinful. Heartless. Inhumane. Inhuman, even. All are apt. None is strong enough to express what I'm feeling about the policy of the  U.S. government to tear little children away from their parents.

And, on top of that, to be so callous, careless, and eager to do the job that "they" - the ones with ICE in place of their missing heart - didn't bother to even keep track of who went where. Thus, now that they are trying to reconnect the kids with their families (at least, they say they are trying to do that), the lack of records is dragging out the process. And each day that goes by only worsens the PTSD these children are suffering, trauma that in many cases if not most or all will scar them for life. Even the Nazis were diligent in keeping meticulous records of who was assigned to which death camp.

It's a shame on our nation, on the values we, the United States of America, were founded on and have taken pride in, espoused, and projected as a beacon to the world.

This is not a phenomenon of just our so-called president. Nor is it only the individual members of the ICE teams doing this devil's work. On June 18, CBS News reported that 2/3 of American adults found the policy "unacceptable." "Unacceptable"?? What a blah word for such a heinous act! (Heinous. A good word but still doesn't come close to capturing the revulsion I'm feeling.) All right, 2/3. Getting 2/3 of Americans to agree on something these days is nigh on impossible. But that means another third approves of it or is clueless enough to not know what's going on!

According to the poll, 20% claimed to be in the dark so had no opinion. So, that leaves 13% who outright approve of the policy!What must be the level of fear out there across the land that would lead one out of every eight Americans to sell their souls for an ephemeral bit of security.

It's downright shameful. I want to scream. I want to weep in despair for my country. And I'm speechless.Anyone out there know any words powerful enough to be worthy of the rage, sadness, despair, and disgust I am feeling?


  1. You said it all. Makes me want to throw up to think about it! Sis

  2. Completely agree! There doesn't seem to be a fitting word for this or many of the other absurd things going on right now. So sad...

  3. Completely agree! There doesn't seem to be a fitting word for this or many of the other absurd things going on right now. So sad...

  4. I feel very strongly as well --it is painful but necessary to keep track of what is going on at the border and beyond. A group from the coast is reporting on their experience of flying down to Texas/Mexico border to assist migrants being released. They were penniless, hungry, frightened, asking that we provide shoe laces, Rosaries, backpacks -- having none of their belongings returned to them. When they were reunited the parents report their children were not only frightened but ill -- having inadequate food and water. Many adults, held for months were never once given a chance to bathe. Inhumane!