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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama

Below is a YouTube link to  President Obama's speech today at Nelson Mandela's memorial in South Africa.

A beautiful, inspiring speech and a fitting tribute to one of the greatest, most transformative figures of our time. When Obama speaks like that, I’m always moved to the depths of my soul with hope.

In this Season of Light and as we transit to 2014, may President Obama's words about Nelson Mandela inspiring him to be a better man and president strike a similar chord of inspiration with all leaders in this country and around the world -- in both the public and private sectors and civil society at large, which means all of us -- and find expression in our decisions and actions every day at work, home, and play.

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  1. Nelson Mandela had a very influential personality.He is one of my favorite personality.I am so happy to see Barack Obama giving him tribute on his funeral ceremony.